Summer Sabbath and Silence

It’s hard to be a sensitive soul. Sensitivity can certainly be a strength, but oftentimes it makes life more difficult. “You’re wearing your heart on your sleeve,” my Mom used to say. Over the years, I’ve roughened up a bit, grown up some, learned to shake the dust off and go on my way. But these days, this world. The brokenness of… Read More

High Notes {Vol. 33}

I’m late getting this one to the presses, but the week’s High Notes are here! Favorite Links: Parenting Through the Culture of Worry by Kristen Welch “Living in anxiety over where to go, when to go and what might happen when we’re there is a prison we cannot escape. Fear is suffocating and the what ifs might keep us safe and they might not,… Read More

What I’m Reading {July 2016 Quick Lit}

I’m not sure how it’s even possible that July is half over. And yet it is. We’ve arrived at the crispy days of summer, when going outside to water plants seems like an impossible task. Y’all it’s hot. Thank goodness for books and air conditioning! I’m linking up today with Modern Mrs. Darcy for Quick Lit. Here are some short… Read More

Does My Life Actually Make a Difference ?

The world we live in is a hostile place, folks. It’s been especially troublesome this past week as events and tragedies have unfolded in the U.S. and threatened to divide us. May I remind you that division is nothing new? Strife and evil and tension and hatred and misunderstanding. . . these have all inhabited our world since sin first entered… Read More

High Notes {Vol. 32}

This week’s High Notes is here! Enjoy!! Favorite Links: Dale Hansen Unplugged: ‘An Attack on Our Basic Humanity’ Hansen is a well-known local sportscaster here in Dallas. His take on the recent tragedy in our city is a must-see.   The worst day of his career was Dallas Chief David Brown’s finest hour by Jacquielynn Floyd, Dallas Morning News “His vision… Read More

One White Woman’s Take on #BlackLivesMatter

Update: I wrote this post yesterday, then went to bed blissfully unaware of the events taking place here in Dallas last night. I still stand by every sentence I wrote. For me to say #BlackLivesMatter does not imply in any way shape or form that blue lives don’t. I know people who serve on the Dallas police force. I am… Read More