What I’m Into {March 2015 Edition}

what i'm into march 2015

Today is April Fool’s Day and I’m a day late but still sharing What I’m Into lately. I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer and Emily Freeman. Check out their blogs to find out what others are up to and what they’re learning.

What I'm Into

What I Read

I shared some books mid-month for the Quick Lit linkup with Modern Mrs. Darcy. You can see those reviews here.

Here are the books I’ve read since then:

Rooms by Lauren Oliver

Meh. I listened to this on audio book and it was just ok. I probably would’ve abandoned it, but it was fairly short so I muddled through to the end. I kept waiting for it to get better. It didn’t.


Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos

Lovely writing and a good story about a weird situation that gets even weirder. But love prevails in the end. . . and not in the ways you might think. So glad I finally read this. It’s been on my shelf for a few years after I found it for $1.00 at Half Price Books. Definitely worth the read!


Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

I must confess. I tried to read this about a year ago after hearing rave reviews, then got bogged down in all the talk about WWII fighter planes. So I gave up.

But dang it, all those reviews. . . I couldn’t stay away.

This time I tried the audio book. Can I just say that British narrators are my favorite? Made the book so much better. And now of course, I see what all the hype was about. This book was fantastic. Beautifully written and a compelling and ultimately heartbreaking story. Loved it. Oh, and if you haven’t signed up for your free trial of Audible , what are you waiting for?


The Book of Strange New Things by Michael Faber

Interesting book about aliens and the gospel and one very conflicted preacher man. I found this absolutely fascinating. The climax of the book took me utterly by surprise and in a good way. Much better than Faber’s Under the Skin.




What I Watched:


Took my daughter to see it over Spring Break and (of course) loved it. Oh, and it stars both Rose and Daisy (from Downton Abbey)!




This was our date night movie over Spring Break. I know. Pretty somber date.

But, boy, do I love movies like this. You know, movies about true stories that are oh-so-hard to watch but oh-so important.

Selma should be required viewing. This is not ancient history, folks. People who say that racism no longer exists really need to see this movie. It’s so important to understand that the kind of oppression that went on in our history (and still goes on today) left scars that run soul deep. You can’t expect the ramifications of that kind of sin to just disappear in 50 years. We may never heal completely. But we sure as heck shouldn’t give up trying. And we sure as heck shouldn’t pretend these wounds never happened. Oh, how I cried after this one.



I didn’t expect much out of this movie. The trailer seemed kinda lame. So I was pleasantly surprised. We took all the kids (yes, even the 15 year old) to see it and we all enjoyed it immensely. I think it’s the British thing again. Everything’s better with English accents.


What I Learned:

1. Bulletproof coffee rocks.

It sounds weird. I used Pioneer Woman’s recipe (which she calls Crazy Coffee). Basically you add organic grass-fed butter and coconut oil to hot coffee and blend it all up until it emulsifies. Then you drink it. And let me just say, this stuff will really get you going. I’m slightly hooked.

2. How to shop at Costco

People have been recommending it for years, but I held off because there’s not one close to me. There’s a Sam’s Club right up the road and I have a membership there but hardly ever use it. I finally went for Costco because they stock more organic and whole food items. I was very pleased with the selection. One of my favorite purchases? Kerrygold butter (which I use in my bulletproof coffee)!

3. I need accountability in order to create new habits.

It’s funny how when I say I’ll do something for somebody else, I come through every time. But when it’s for myself. . . well, I usually peter out very early. I finally understand why I can’t stick to Weight Watchers online, at-home workout videos, or “on-my-own” Bible studies. I do so much better when I know other people are expecting me to show up!

4. That my kids’ version of “Uptown Funk” is the best ever!

My favorite part? The 8-year-old singing, “Too hot! Hot pants!” Cleaner and funnier than the original by far!

5. I like brussels sprouts.

Yep, 46 years old and never tried ‘em. I picked some up at Trader Joe’s last time I was there and I sautéed them in olive oil with salt, pepper, garlic and a little lemon. And they were yummy. Who knew?

And that’s a wrap. . . or at least, that’s everything I can think of from this month. What about you? What are you into right now? Learned anything new? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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P.S. Here’s a little “Uptown Funk” to sing you out!


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When Your Whole World Is Shaking

whole world shaking 2


Ever feel like your world is out of control? Like you can’t get your bearings and you’re about to fall?

Life can be like that.

Especially when you are the parent of caregiver of a child with special needs.

I’ve certainly had the experience of not knowing how to stand anymore. I’m sharing my story over at Comfort in the Midst of Chaos today.

Won’t you join me over there to find out what to do when the whole world is shaking?

Click here to read the post.

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The Spiritual Discipline of Prayer

The spiritual discipline of prayer

We are nearing the end of the Lenten season, and as I’m working to wind up this series on spiritual disciplines, I find myself with no wiggle room in my schedule to write!

It’s choir contest season in Texas, and I’ve spent just about every waking moment either on a piano bench, or traveling to the next one.

Still, I don’t want to abandon this series, because it’s too important. So today I’m sharing a post from the archives about prayer. It’s from my “Quiet Time” series, but I’ve added some new ideas and resources, so I hope you’ll click over and read it!

Prayer is such an important discipline for Christians, because it is how we stay connected to our Life source!

The Spiritual Discipline of Prayer

Bible study comes naturally to me because I am a student at heart. But prayer is something I have had to practice. Something I’ve had to learn.

Prayer means letting your guard down, expressing yourself, having an intimate conversation.  All of these aspects of prayer are difficult and intimidating for an introvert like me.

And for years I was plagued with the question: “What do I say?”

I am a recovering perfectionist, and for years my take on prayer was that if I couldn’t do it right, then I didn’t want to do it at all.  When I finally did venture out, I tried (even in my own private prayer time) to say all the right, holy-sounding words–and even though my prayer was sincere, it was difficult to keep it up.  Truth be told, some days I didn’t have the energy to work that hard at it.

So I looked for tools and resources to help a more list-oriented girl like me engage in more meaningful prayer.

Want to know some of favorite ways I incorporate prayer into my life?

Click here to read to read the rest of the post!


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