What Taking a Child With Autism to Church Feels Like

Well, this post isn’t what was on the agenda for today, but I had to pull it up to the forefront. It’s been a hard couple of autism weeks. Those of you with autistic kids will totally get it. There was an incident at school last week. A phone call from the principal. Then there was another incident at church on Sunday…. Read More

The Barefoot Gospel {Why the Ground Beneath You Is Holy}

The grass isn’t fully greened up yet, but it’s close. Summer’s nearly here. Come August, the parched turf will be crunchy and dry, but in late spring it’s perfect. Soft, green, and cool under my feet. I’m a barefoot kind of girl. I’ve spent summer sans shoes for as long as I can remember. As a girl I ran through the neighborhood on bare feet,… Read More

High Notes {Vol. 24}

Y’all. I didn’t even do High Notes last week. Yup, it’s been that kind of month. Last weekend was crazy busy and a Sunday post just wasn’t going to happen. The good news? This week you get two whole weeks’ worth of High Notes in one post! Favorite links, posts from around these parts, and stuff I’m loving right now. Favorite Links:… Read More

What I’m Into {April 2016 Edition}

May’s almost here and it’s time for another What I’m Into post! As usual, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for her What I’m Into series. Books I Read: Honestly, I don’t know how I got this much reading accomplished when April has been one of the busiest months on record! You can read my Quick Lit book reviews from the first half of… Read More

A Message for those in the Desert Places

I’ve always loved the story of the Israelite wanderers in the desert. Their constant complaining in spite of the blatant physical manifestation of God’s presence is such a real-life picture of humanity. It’s easy to judge them, isn’t it? With the blessing of hindsight, we shake our heads and wonder at their spiritual blindness. But 40 years is a long time, and… Read More