Lessons from the Spectrum: What I’ve Learned from Being an Autism Parent

Being an autism parent is hard. It can cause stress, anxiety, the never ending burden of hyper-vigilance, and often depression. There is a level of chronic grief as well, as you mourn the loss of a particular dream and embrace a different life than you imagined. I’ve experienced all of it and I’ve written about it on this blog. Many of you have… Read More

When the Pain Is Too Deep for Words

They stood there on the ladders, a couple of 13-year-old boys, replacing bulbs one by one in the strands of lights I had strung across the courtyard. Since they needed a break from video games, I seized the moment, gave them a chore, and rewarded them later with food, the teenager’s love language. It was only a few months later when the… Read More

What I’m Into {September 2015}

Can y’all believe October starts tomorrow? Maybe it will actually start to cool off, but I’m not gonna hold my breath! We’re still wearing our shorts and flip flops down here. Never mind that, October is my favorite, because it’s my birthday month!  I’m sure my extremely thoughtful children are already planning an elaborate celebration for the event. (If you detected… Read More

What to Do When God Calls

The rhythm flows straight from my heart, through the wrists and into my fingertips as they move along the keyboard. As I play, the congregation sings, Come, now is the time to worship. Come, now is the time to give your heart.” The first time I heard the now familiar tune was at a wedding. And years later I understand how… Read More

Do You Want to Get Well?

I’ve written before about my struggles with anxiety. About how my singing and speaking voice has been affected, how my whole body has fought against the fear monster. Healing is something I’ve longed for and prayed about for  years. But I’m learning something about the healing process. Healing from deep puncture wounds is sort of like losing weight. It’s not linear…. Read More