What I’m Into {September 2016 Edition}

September’s a wrap, y’all, so you know what that means! It’s time for another edition of What I’m Into. As always, I’m linking up with Leigh Kramer for her monthly series. Here’s what I’ve been into and up to for the past month: Books I Read: To see all the books I read in the first half of September, click here…. Read More

The River Keeps Rolling On {A Reminder When Life Is Hard}

“The river is already flowing, and you are in it whether you are enjoying it or not.” I stumbled across this statement by Richard Rohr the other day and it got me thinking. In Genesis, when God placed man and woman in the garden, He placed a river there, a source of life and sustenance. The last chapter of Revelation also mentions a… Read More

Things Won’t Always Feel the Way They Do Right Now

Things won’t always feel the way they do right now. I read the words in Leanna Tankersley’s book, Breathing Room, and I immediately wonder if she’d been spying on me. Life’s so up in the air at this moment. It’s a time of transition for me, for our family, and apparently for our dog who — accustomed to somebody being home… Read More

How to Know if Your Faith Is Real {or not}

Sometimes watching TV actually teaches me something. Which is totally cool, since maybe TV isn’t the time-sucking villain we sometimes make it out to be. Over the weekend I camped out in my bedroom to watch back-to-back episodes of Jane the Virgin while football games dominated our living room TV. I’m only a football fan when my son plays. The rest… Read More

What I’m Reading {September 2016 Quick Lit}

Believe it or not, it’s here again! Mid-month and it’s time for another Quick Lit post in which I share short reviews of books I’ve read so far in September. I’m linking up with Modern Mrs. Darcy as usual for her Quick Lit series. What I’m Reading I’m Thinking of Ending Things by Iain Reid I scarfed this book down in less… Read More

Never the Same: The Moment Everything Changes

Yesterday marked the fifteenth anniversary of September 11th, 2001. It’s one of those days: everyone remembers where they were, what they were doing. The whole nation came to a standstill, shocked with grief and disbelief. Our entire way of living changed on that fateful day and things have never been the same. Never the same. Our pastor preached the words in… Read More