What I’m Into {July 2015 Edition}

Make way for August! Time for the back-to-school panic season. . . at least that’s what August always does to me! Can anyone else relate? As usual, I’m sharing what I’ve been into and up to for the month of July and linking up with Leigh Kramer for her always fun “What I’m Into” series. Books I Read: I shared… Read More

How to Know If It’s Time to Leave Your Church – A Series for Special Needs Families {Part 5}

Today is the final installment in the series for special needs families about how to know if it’s time to leave your church. Choosing to move on isn’t easy. Especially if you’ve been members somewhere a long time, or have been active participants in the life of a church. We were both, so leaving was more like divorcing than anything else…. Read More

Is It Time to Leave Your Church? A Series for Special Needs Families

Last summer Relevant Magazine published an article entitled “5 Really Bad Reasons to Leave Your Church.” The article was helpful and I agreed with most of it. As a faithful, committed church-goer, I’ve always frowned on “church-hoppers.” You know, people who up and leave a church the minute something happens that they don’t like, whether it’s a change in worship… Read More